A growing list of heritage websites, books and documents relating to the picts and particularly ones that contain something about me!  If you know of any documents I’ve missed please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, 1999, Pictish Symbol Stones:  An illustrated Gazetteer.  Crown Publishing, Edinburgh


Royal Commission of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland:  Records of historic artefacts and monuments.

Canmore contains more than 320,000 records and 1.3 million catalogue entries for archaeological sites, buildings, industry and maritime heritage across Scotland. Compiled by RCAHMS it contains information and collections from all its survey and recording work, as well as from a wide range of other organisations, communities and individuals who are helping to enhance this national resource.

Historic Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government, their website has a good overview of all of Scotland’s History, artefacts and monuments available for the public to view.

Historic Scotland are directly responsible to Scottish Ministers for safeguarding the nation’s historic environment, and promoting its understanding and enjoyment.

Good overview of Pictish History from Historic Scotland –

Scottish Church Heritage Research (SCHR) – Places of Worship in Scotland

Scottish Church Heritage Research  is a voluntary organisation comprising individuals from various professions and backgrounds, with the aim of promoting understanding of this rich heritage of the people of Scotland. We run conferences,tours of places of worship, give talks to groups, hold training days and run the Places of Worship in Scotland Project. As a charity and non-faith organisation our projects are have been developed to bring to a wider public an understanding of all the places and buildings that have been used for worship in Scotland, regardless of faith, denomination or present condition.


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