Throwback Thursday : Valentines News

senior school cards and poetry

I introduced Anne to Bruce Mann, Aberdeenshire Council’s Archaeologist for Moray, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Angus.  Bruce and his small but perfectly formed team are responsible for making sure I’m well looked after.  They are based at Woodhill House but their jobs take them all over the four Local Authorities.  They are involved in a lot of different things, from planning applications to working out how best to care for buildings, sites and monuments under their care.  As I mentioned before, they are the ones to contact if you have found anything that falls into the category of Treasure Trove.

Bruce and his team received my valentines on my behalf, I think Bruce was a little taken a back, and possibly a little envious that I received more valentines than he did this year.


The cards were then arranged and carefully curated by Claire and Bruce into an exhibition for the employees, volunteers and visitors to Woodhill House to visit on their way to the canteen.

card exhibition

An introduction to the exhibit was placed beside it as well.aberdeenshire-council-exhibition-information-001I’d like to thank Claire and Bruce for taking such good care of the children’s cards and for sharing them with everyone in the building, it means a lot to me to hear from my friends in Rhynie and that they still think of me fondly.  If you want to see more information and lots of lovely photos of their travels around the north east then follow their twitter feeds (sometimes I feature in their tweets as well) at @chh_bck and @diggermann17


I couldn’t let the children think I hadn’t got the cards so I (ok, with a  little help from Bruce) sent them through something for them to work on. Can you work it out?

rhynie man ogham

Throwback Thursday : Valentines News

Behind the scenes on Valentine’s Day!

I was moved to Woodhill House almost 40 years ago; enough time for some people to have not met or even heard of me!  So I’m told that at the beginning of February Anne and Rhynie Woman went into Rhynie Primary school to tell the local children, teachers and helpers a little bit about my good looks and to find out how romantic they were all feeling.

When you arrive at Rhynie Primary you are greeted by a Minion, two penguins and Rhynie Man
When you arrive at Rhynie Primary you are greeted by a Minion, two penguins and Me!!!

When they arrived at the school they realised that perhaps the teachers and children had heard of me as there is a large cast of me sitting at the doorway.  The cast was created from a mould that Museum of Scotland took of me in 1978 when I was in Barflats.  Can you see any of the Sheep hoof marks Gavin Alston was talking about in his 1988 interview?

Debbi and Anne introducing that activities for the day

Debbi and Anne told the children about the story of Rhynie Man and why Rhynie Woman would like him to return to Rhynie. They also talked about symbols and how we still use them at festival times such as St Valentine’s.

The children were delighted to help and worked hard on their poetry and card making.  Anne and Rhynie Woman enjoyed visiting the school, talking about Rhynie Man and meeting the creative children, teachers and helpers in Rhynie.  A great day!  and special thanks to the Head Teacher for making it happen and Hayley Keane for the photography.

Behind the scenes on Valentine’s Day!