I’ve been on the Telly don’t you know!

I’m not boasting when I say I’m quite media savvy not to mention photogenic!  I’ve been in a few articles, books, newspapers and on television in my time.  I like to think Madonna models herself on me, rebranding herself each time a new song or genre develops.  I’ve been described as a warrior, a pilgrim, Rhynie Number 7, a king, a slaughterman, just to name a few and I’m just going to keep you guessing, it’s much more fun that way.canmoreAbove is a link to Canmore’s swish new website entry, it’s all very serious and factual, great if you are a historian, archaeologist, visitor of stones but there is no mention of nettle pesto and roasted beetroot on their site to get the taste buds watering.Rhynie man aberdeenshire monument recordAberdeenshire Council also has a record of my good self including some brilliant map overlays and all the amazing books I’ve featured in over the years.  They are the chaps to contact if you find any artefacts Pictish or not. For more information check out their website or email archaeology@aberdeenshire.gov.uknorthern PictsThe University of Aberdeen also has a keen interest in all things Northern Picts, under the all seeing eye of Dr Gordon Nobel.  Hopefully the archaeologists will reveal some more interesting things about me in the Summer.  They’ll be digging where I was found and further in the same field.  Just look out for them in mid August to early September.

The digging efforts should mean that even more people will get the chance to see my good looks when they present papers and workshops at conferences over the Winter and Spring. If you’d like to take part in the digs get in touch with g.noble@abdn.ac.uk  I’m reliably informed that Rhynie Woman treats will also make an appearance at some point as well.


Canmore and Aberdeenshire Council’s Sites and Monument Record are the main sources of information and starting points for research and academic dialogue. There are a whole host of other websites and blogs that write about me (some more accurate than others). Just search under my various descriptions and you’ll see.  A good starting point is Historic Scotland’s micro site Pictish Stones, which has links to some amazing laser scans of some other pictish stones.

If you’re interested in creative things and want to see how others have been inspired you can find out more at the following facebook pages.

Rhynie Woma

Rhynie Woman are by far my biggest fans, they want me back in Rhynie. They are an artists collective that aims to enhance their community by raising awareness of their landscape, history, and people through food and celebration.  I’m up for any kind of food and celebration, especially a Tap O’ Noth bun and some elderflower cordial!

rhynie wifie facebook

Unlike Rhynie Woman, Rhynie Wifies are another matter completely.  To cut a long story short, I seem to have been married to all four of them at some point and must have upset them somehow, I can’t imagine why.  I met them a good few years ago, they haven’t aged well and we won’t mention the nagging, the wee herbal night caps, the hair dyeing, speaking in tongues (really unnerving) and the fleas!

I have been the inspiration for batik painting, poetry, souvenirs, t shirts and towels, sweeties, cookies, Scots fiddle music (thanks to Paul Anderson) and stories.  Have you been inspired to create something about me?  I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve been on the Telly don’t you know!